Profit with the insiders without breaking a single law

A remarkably effective (and amazingly simple) way to predict significant stock price moves before they happen…you’ll be astonished at the profits you can make in a very short period of time.

Dear investor,

You and I know insider trading is illegal…

But that’s not to say it doesn’t happen.

It does.  All the time.

And most often, it happens with smaller stocks the average investor has no idea about.

Companies like BioFuel Energy. In January 2014, the company was trading at $1.62 a share. A week and a half later it was trading at $3.20 a share. No apparent treason for the surging price. No earnings report was issued. No announcement was made. No news reported.

Then, on March 30th, there was a a proposal from David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital and James R. Brickman for a transaction through which BioFuel would acquire JBGL Capital LP and “certain subsidiaries” of JBGL Builder Finance LLC. Greenlight Capital also disclosed it had built up a 35.4% stake in BioFuel. They had parked a $275 million cash investment in BioFuel Energy. The stocks raced to $10 a share in 2 months.

Let’s face it. Somebody knew something.

Had you bought when the “insiders” did you could have made 533% on your money that means every $5000 invested would have turned into over $27,500 — in just 2 months!

And that’s just one trade. Imagine if you had insider information not just not just one stock, but five or ten. Fact is you’d become very wealthy in a short period of time.

But how do you get it? How do you get access to the information that would enable you to quadruple your money so quickly?


There is a way to know when the stock is cornering inside attention without breaking any insider trading laws. It’s a secret we been using with a great deal of success for over several years creating I’ll tell you about that in a short moment.

BIOF Candle Chart


But before I reveal it to you, you need to ask yourself a rather profound and deeply personal question:

Is trading this way ethical?

The answer depends upon you.

Yes, you are profiting using a technique that detects and exploits possible insider activity. But the way you are obtaining your information is perfectly legal. You know nothing you’re not supposed to know. Your simply following the trend being sent by people who most likely have information nobody else has.

If you’re not comfortable trading this way, I fully understand. I respect your position.

But if you’re tired of the insiders getting all the profits…

… and you want to learn how to beat them at their own game – entirely within the confines of the law – you want to read on.

Because in the pages ahead you’ll learn how you can do it… and rack up some very handsome profits along way.

Perhaps the most powerful trading secret on Wall Street

But first, let me tell you little bit more about company known as SinoCoking Coal & Coke Chemical Industries Inc..

I’d been watching this company for some time. Then, one day, something unusual caught my eye, As I told you before, there was no earnings report released and none do for several weeks. There was no announcement, no news of any kind. But oddly enough, the company traded more than 1 million shares, compared to the average volume of 106,005

Big deal, you say. But what was the most interesting thing was that the company typically traded in the 100,000 share range. Suddenly, in one day, volume increased more than 1000% WHY?

I did some digging. I found out that the company was getting ready to change it’s public image, SinoCoking planed to change its name to Clean Synthetic Technologies Corp. But the corporate office had not officially announced this yet. No news – but yet there was a definite spike in share purchase. Something in-house. The stock was up 19.23% to $1.86 by 12:12 p.m. that same day.

SOCK Candle Chart

This spiking volume told us two things were highly likely: (1) either a buyout, or (2) a big cash investment was on it’s way to SinoCoking as word leaked out, people close to the situation snapped up the shares. To us, this volume spike was as good as insider information. It was only a name change, but the insider information created a demand…and people bought. But, only the ones who had received the information got in on the ground floor.

… and, it was perfectly legal!

You can probably guess what happened next.

In 2 months time SinoCoking Corp (SNOK), which produces clean energy such as clean-burning synthetic gas, signed an agreement with both the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the North China Institute of Science and Technology. SNOK will refine and implement technology to convert the 21 million tons of coal at four SNOK underground mines into the clean-burning fuel syngas. Once that became public knowledge, shares sold at the 9 a.m. bell at $3.00 soared to over $8 in just a matter of hours.

More than 10 million shares had changed hands as of 10:57 a.m., which eclipsed the average volume of 291,125 and the stock was now worth $8.43. You could have more than quadrupled your money within one day if you had been notified of our signal just 2 months earlier and bought the stock at $1.86.

But here’s the thing. I knew that the investing public, ever hungry for good news and the next rags to riches story, was driving the stock higher than it deserved to go. The mining operation was good news, but not great news. There was still a long way to go before this company has a viable marketable product, and it was only the signed agreement that sparked the publics interest. That’s why, when the rally started to lose steam, I knew it was time to get out, (indeed, SNOK stumbled a few hours later.) Today, the company is trading for around $0.003 a share.

Ride these spikes for what ever their worth then get out!

SNOK is a perfect example of how you can profit from following insider trends using the “Stock Investment System”. But it’s important to know that this is purely a trading strategy. It’s not buy and hold for long, strategy. When a volume spike arises – and the research checks out – ride it until you see the signs that fervor is fading. Then get out. With whatever profits you may have.

Sometimes you will be rewarded with 400% gains in a matter of days. Other times you’ll make 100% in a few weeks… or 1000% in a month, as you’ll see in a moment…

My point is, trading on volume spikes requires you to employ a stock trader’s most powerful weapon: Discipline. Your in only for the ride up. Usually it’s a quick one. But it’s never a buy-and-hold for long situation.

Something else to remember. Trading using the “Stock Investment System” is not passive.

It’s fast-paced.

It’s exciting.

And the potential for big, speedy gains is tremendous.

Let me give you another very recent example.

RadNet Inc. (RDNT) provides outpatient diagnostic imaging services in the United States. For years, their stock traded in the $6-$6.89 range. Volume was generally low, RadNet squeaked out a few thousand shares a day. On August 9th, 2015, volume started to increase and the price shot up. The next day on August 10th, RDNT announced it’s second quarter earnings. The stock price stayed up for an additional day, then PLUMETED for the next 2 months.

RDNT Candle Chart



From 100,000 shares traded one day to almost 1.000,000 two days lateron no news!
On October 1st, 2015 our tracking system alerted us that volume spikes from 100,000 shares day to almost 1.000,000 in 2 days. We did a quick check. No news to speak of. No earnings reported. No announcements.

Over the next fifteen trading sessions, more than 633,000 shares traded hands. That’s more than tripled volume for the previous nine sessions. But why? We dig deeper.

We discovered the company RadNet Inc. had been eying another company, Diagnostic Imaging Group, LLC (“DIG”). But that’s not all. We found out RadNet had been planning this acquisition for the last quarter of the year. This was known back in early August and is the very reason why RDNT had a spike in volume which the “Stock Investment System” picked up on with all it’s indicator’s.

Somebody knew something

This was clearly a case of someone on the inside knowing something was about to happen. It was classic insider activity. By thousand shares here, 12,000 shares there. Small blocks bought over several days… in an attempt to keep the stock price low… and not to draw too much attention.

Sure enough, on October 16th, 2015, the news spread quickly that RadNet Inc. had indeed decided to aquire DIG for approximately $56.7 million plus 1.5 million shares of RadNet Common Stock. The acquisition would provided RadNet with approximately $70 million of additional revenue on an annual basis.  Over the next five days, 8 million shares were traded.

50% profits in less than 30 days

As a result RadNet Inc. shares soared from a $5.00 to over $7.50 in less than a 30 day time frame! Those who were able to follow our “Stock Investment System”, quickly doubled their investment.

RadNet Inc. (RDNT) is another perfect example of the profits you can make when you see the classic signs of insider activity. No question, many of the traders responsible for those telltale volume spikes prior to the announcement were sweating it out. After all, insider training carries some heavy penalties…

But we did nothing illegal. We were just watching the signs and following some very fundamental technical indicators. And our subscribers made an easy 50%.

As I said before, this kind of insider trading happens all the time. It’s not supposed to. But information leaks out. Confidential memos get seen. Printers read free press reports. A friend helps a friend. A needy in law gets a hot tip…

Next thing you know, there’s an unexplained volume activity surrounding a once quiet stock.

That’s when you jump in. And the team of traders and researchers at PitBull Investor, a very private, very heavy trading service that monitors Small Cap Nasdaq companies for telltale volume spike indicators.

Over the years we develop a system that lets us catch an average 15 to 25 opportunities each year. And I am happy to report that we were right on the money with most of them.

Here’s how it works…

How we know the insiders are at work

At the first sign of unusual volume activity, we look to see if there’s any current news on the the target company – earnings, and announcements, coverage, upgrades, downgrades, etc.

If nothing appears to be going on, that’s when we know something big is up.

That’s when we really get down to business. One of the first things we do is check out the companies transaction log. If it’s made up of a lot small in-and out trades, it usually means day traders are driving the stock. We stay clear…

But if we see a handful of 5000 to 10,000 block trades, it usually means some big hitters are trying to buy quietly. That’s a sign that something is stirring. So we look deeper into the company to find out what’s happening behind the scenes. Does the company have a new product? Any patents pending? Is it up for any special licensing agreements or FDA approvals? Has it been in any long-term negotiations concerning major deals?

A yes to any of these questions – combined with any unexplained volume spike’s – usually means something is about to break.

That’s when profits are close at hand. And that’s when subscribers to PitBull Investors should jump in for the opportunity ahead. You will be taught how to do this in our by using our “Online Stock Trading Signals”, which offers you Daily Signals for 5 Different Trading Systems that you can profit from.

A 10 to 1 return

And if you think doubling and quadrupling for your money is fun, then imagine making over 10 times your original investment following the same, surefire insider signals…

That’s exactly what happened with Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc (AQXP), a Canadian pharmaceutical company that came out of nowhere this year.

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals is a company that had been on my radar screen for the better part of a year.

AQXP Candle Chart

Why? Because it’s a red hot company in a red-hot industry. Plus it’s one of my favorite earning sectors, pharmacology. (Right now, the pharmacology sector is the best place to get rich using PitBull Investor exclusive “Stock Investment System”. I’ll tell you why in a few moments.)

Look closely at the chart above. As you can see, there is very little price movement in the stock from July 12 2015 through August 2015. Yet on the way there were some interesting volume spikes that caught our eye – one on the 28th of July, another on July 31st, and yet another on August 2nd. The last indicator was August the 9th 2015.

Then on the morning of August 10th, the news broke. The rally started after the company released positive mid-stage trial results on Friday for a bladder pain drug referred to by its clinical name, AQX-1125. Shares traded up as much as 280% Monday morning after closing up nearly 500% on Friday…and have stayed up ever since.

The indicator started for PitBull Investors when the stock was $1.79 a share. Subscribers using the trading system would have noticed our alert and snapped up on AQXP stock. Had you been one of our members you could have enjoyed a gain of more than 2000%!

Our research revealed that these spikes clearly occurred in advance of some major news – news that was very positive in deed. Pharmacology is becoming a very hot industry, and Aquinox Pharmaceuticals was quickly establishing itself as one of the leading players. Profits were steadily rising, and the number of hospitals and doctors who wanted this drug was growing at a phenomenal rate.

More reasons pharmacology is the next wave

There has never been a more favorable FDA environment when it comes to approving new drugs quickly. Once a bastion of inefficiency and red tape, the FDA’s approval process has become much more streamlined and much more interested in seeing that these worthwhile drugs are brought to market in a timely fashion.

Also, with all the emphasis on High, pharmaceutical companies have taken a backseat with investors. Which means they’re tremendously undervalued. In fact, the market cap of all the major players in the pharmacology sector put together is only half of Apple Inc.

But that’s about to change.

Pharmacology is the next wave. If you’re an investor, the Times again is now…

If you’re a stock trader, it’s very possible that you can double your money riding volume spikes, as our subscribers have done so often, time after time…

It’s also very possible to triple, quadruple – even earn 10 to 1 returns, practically when the company we’re following is price cheap to begin with…

You’ve seen examples of these kinds of successes in this letter.

But as I’ve also told you, these profits are just the beginning.

We firmly believe that the profits in the pharmaceutical sector will match or outperform all the profits made in the high-tech sector over the last 10 years.

And PitBull Investor will be there to profit from the outset.

Tested, proven and fine tuned – the system works!

The high-tech boom was a proving ground for the volume Spike indicator strategy. And judging from the profits we made, it’s proven itself a valid, viable, and valuable trading tool.

On the way we’ve fine-tuned and perfected or volume spike indicator system. We quickly learned how to tell when volume is up on true insider activity… how to tell when a company is “ripe: for an important announcement…and how to anticipate jumps before they happen.

    Let me give you example from our past that shows how an unrelated incident can move a stock…

There was a company that we were following for some time in mid 1999 called ballistic recovery systems. As crazy as it sounds, they make parachutes (yes, very cute!) For small, private airplanes. It’s a small stock, typically trading for under one dollar a share. But it’s also a stock that had a history of telegraphing big moves with unexplained volume activity.

From tragedy came opportunity

Shortly after the tragic death of John F. Kennedy Junior his wife and sister-in-law in July 1999, we noticed some unusual volume activity concerning ballistic recovery systems. Our research revealed the company really had nothing happening – no new products, no upcoming earnings announcement, no patents pending.

So why the activity? We called the company. Nothing to report of note, except for one small thing. Someone happened to mention the press had been all over them following the Kennedy’s tragic plane crash. That suggested to us that the company was likely to be in the news. And the company was just unusual and intriguing enough to garner sufficient interest among investors to move the stock price.

We rushed out a recommendation to buy ballistic recovery systems at $.75 a share. In one day – when the press coverage hit – the stock prices soared to $2.50 per share. That’s a 233% profit in a matter of hours!

And PitBull Investor subscribers who listened to us experienced perhaps the most probable few hours of their lifetime. Let’s face it. News happens every day! With events being reported with lighting speed due to the cell phone craze, you are informed of events in a moments time.

Because companies are connected to each other by supply and demand, any number of stocks could take off and soar at a moments notice following a news event. These kinds of profits are just plain fun to earn because they happen all the time. Today, I’m inviting you to join in on the fun… the action… the profits.

Trade alongside the insiders – without breaking a single law!

By becoming a PitBull Investor subscriber, you’ll be first to know when unusual activity surrounds the stock and insiders are at work. You’ll be able to buy like an insider and watch the profits roll then when the stock takes off like a rocket…

But with one very big, very important difference…

You won’t be breaking a single law!

You will merely be following trends and technical indicators that suggests the stock is getting ready to make a move…

Often a very significant move, as you’ve seen from our track record:

  • 2000% on Aquinox Pharmaceuticals
  • 533% on BioFuel Energy.
  • 233% on Ballistic Recovery Systems
  • 50 % on RadNet Inc.

… and others.

It takes some guts...

But I must make it clear that the PitBull Investor System is not for everyone. For one thing, it takes some guts to trade. After all, we recommended many companies you may never have heard about. And with the first few recommendations you’ll see, you’ll ask yourself, “do I really want to buy stocks in this company?”

That’s a typical an honest reaction.

But once you watch stock after stock take off in the days and weeks that follow, you’ll stop doubting and start enjoying the ride.

Which brings me to another important matter.  There is a strict limit to the number of investors who can subscribe to the PitBull Investor.

The companies we trade tend to be smaller Stocks. That means it doesn’t take a lot of volume to drive the price is very high, very quickly. (That’s not the way we want to profit. We want to get in with the insiders at “controlled” prices – and let the market take the stock upward when the imminent news goes public.)

And that’s why it’s absolutely necessary to limit the number of people we reveal our traits to…

So for that reason, There is a strictly enforced limit to the number of subscribers pitbull trader will take on at any given time. Right now that number is 2000. It may be lowered if we see traders buying bigger dollar amounts and “out-investing” the very insiders who are telegraphing these highly profitable moves.

But for now, 2000 is the limit. At that number, Pitbull Investor subscribers have been getting into trades with the insiders without skewing the numbers. And as long as the profits keep rolling in without incident – we’re happy and our subscribers are happy.

A very limited and time sensitive opportunity

As I write today, there is a limited number of openings for investors who want in on the tremendous profits that the “Stock Investment System” is capable of producing.

And you’re invited to join us…

If you feel this system is for you, and you can answer yes to several simple, but important, questions…

Remember, we want you to be comfortable with our company and we won’t be sure that every new investor who joins PitBull Investor is qualified to benefit from it. Again this is very specialized financial service – one that detects and exploits possible insider trading.

What’s knowing the system – and profiting from it – worth to you?

Understand also that a trading system this powerful, this exclusive – and one that requires so much time, resources, and research to make it work – does not come cheap. That’s one reason we’re a bit picky about who and how many people we accept in their we want to revise a benefit to a very limited number of serious investors for whom the price we charge is of limited concern. Also, smart investors understand that I you of the system can routinely double your money in just a few weeks… even days. Of $5000 investment in ballistic recovery systems, for example could have ballooned in just two days!

How much would you pay for that one tip alone? Logic would tell you that anything less than, say $10,000 would be a bargain. But a subscription to the profit trader doesn’t cause $10,000. It’s not $5000 either, although, in my opinion it would be worth every penny of those amounts combined.

In fact, there are several packages from which you can choose from, making pit bull trader the choice for everyone who would like to get in. However, remember at this time we are only accepting the first 1000 people who join us with a subscription.

Our smallest package, is only $79.50 $49.50  per month. That’s a great value considering that you might invest $5000 in our recommendations. I’ve mentioned in this letter, your profits could have exceeded $150,000. That’s enough to pay for your subscription to PitBull Investor eight times over!

And you’ll also want to know that there are additional trading systems we have that you can also profit from as well like:


  • Pitbull Investor Signal Report – Daily entry / exit signals for trading stocks or options using our original Pitbull Investor strategy
  • EarningsTrader Signal Report – Excellent performing stock or option buy/sell signals from this strategy based on stock earnings pre-announcements
  • Measured Move Stock Signals – Stock/option trade signals based on ever reliable measured move stock setups.
  • Momentum Stock Signals – Long and short sell momentum signals. This system can generate some very profitable moves. Due to the volatile nature of these stocks, a close eye should be kept on them. They climb fast but also fall fast
  • ETF Trading Signals – Short term ETF trading system that lets you play the market sectors up and down. Double index proxy signals are also offered

Get all of these signal reports for one low price and you also receive access to Market Health Charts, Stock Market Commentary, Crash Alerts, option Signal generator, and a full featured Stock Screener!

But I don’t want to force this on you. Either you get in or you don’t. It’s as simple as that. There are already so much demand for PitBull Investor subscriptions – and so few subscribers spots available – that this current offer will fill us to our limit very quickly! So we don’t want to join us unless you understand. and are serious about, this very substantial opportunity.

If you’re that special investor…

But again, the PitBull Investor “Stock Investment System” is not for everyone.

You must enjoy the exciting, fast-paced excitement of hopping on a market stock and riding it for serious profits…

You must show the discipline of a shrewd and successful trader by getting in when we say and getting out when we say. Everything will be clear to you in the Entry/Exit points we give you. No guesswork is required on your part. But when we say buy – and for heaven’s sake, sell when we say sell.

Don’t get greedy and don’t put any profits at undue risk…

You must be available to take action at any time of day. If you go days without checking your facts, email, or log-in in to our system, our company is not for you. That’s because many times the size of your profits is directly related to how quickly your able to take action. But if you’re intrigued by fast-paced, high profit potential of PitBull Investor, I urge you to act immediately. I urge you to do so for two reasons.

  1. The next profit opportunity can come at any time – and nothings to say it won’t outperform even our best 10-to-1 winner, and …
  2. There are a limited number of openings available. I’d hate to see your spot snapped up by somebody else simply because you waited too long to respond.

So here’s what I propose.

Decide today if you want in on the PitBull Investor subscription…(we are accepting new subscribers on a first-come, first-served basis until our limit is reached.)

Please don’t subscribe if you don’t think you can benefit from the PitBull Investor subscription. We simply don’t have the space to accommodate people who don’t take action.

Then, follow the service for a few months. If you decide at that time that the pit bull trader is not for you, will be happy to surrender your spot someone else – and give you a refund for any months remaining on your subscription.

But I don’t think that will happen. What will happen – I believe – is that once you get a firsthand look at this very private and very profitable trading system, once you get to see the trades firsthand – you will be delighted with the results, and you will congratulate yourself over and over again for making a smart decision when the opportunity presented itself.

Remember, the process you seen here is just the beginning.

There is not a better time to profit…

There will be literally thousands of opportunities in the next three years in the pharmacology industry alone as drugs and medical products work their way through the five stages of FDA approvals – the links he pre-clinical phase, phase 1 phase 2 phase 3 and finally FDA approval.

As sure as the sun will rise as these products approach each FDA milestone, leaks will occur, resulting in some unexplained volume spikes – spikes PitBull Investor will investigate inside and out. And if our research reveals that, yes it looks like somebody knows something – you’ll get all the details in an instantaneous “PitBull Investor Online Signals”.

Our PitBull Investor Online Signals system starts at just $54.00 per month and you get: Full access to Pitbull Signals, Earnings Signals, Measured Move Signals, Momentum Signals and more…

And don’t forget – there is still a lot of cake left in high-tech two. Between these two very hot, and very active and very profitable sectors, there will be opportunities for many years to calm.

Please don’t miss out on any of them.

Make a modest, intelligent investment in your future wealth. Subscribe to the PitBull Investor today.

Here’s what you need to do right now…

Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to the PitBull Investor homepage. From there you can select the package that you desire to enroll in.

Regardless of which package you wish to describe to, the important thing is that you do it NOW!

Waiting one day longer could be the difference between being on the inside of the next big stock price move or missing out altogether.

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Michael Henry

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The 100% money back guarantee:

All PitBull Investor Trading System Manuals are shipped within 24 hours via U.S. Priority Mail and come with a No Questions Asked Six Month Money Back Guarantee!

Pro-Rated refunds are available for online service subscriptions (excluding Lifetime Subscriptions) based on the amount of time used.





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